Saturday, January 9, 2010

My delicious desk

There was lots of fun produce picture taking and editing to be done at work today, so much so in fact that I totally lost track of time and forgot to eat lunch! Lucky for me when this happens (and it often does) there are no shortage of yummy restaurants just a hop, skip, jump or in my case short drive from my little office. Tonight’s yummy late lunch/early dinner came from Saffron in Mission Hills.

Chicken salad rolls with peanut and sriracha sauces for dipping.

As always they were delish and since I still had an ample amount of tinkering to do with the fruity photographs for the day, they were happily enjoyed at my messy desk while editing a picture of Mutsu apples.

Gluten Free tip: Saffron has lots of yummy rice noodle dishes on their menu and has gluten free soy sauce available by request, yay!

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