Monday, January 11, 2010

Sweet Snacktime

Nothing bests sweet new gluten free treats that are delicious and good for you to boot! “Tree Huggin’ Treats” Crispy Cat Mint Coconut bar has to be one of my favorite sweets right now. I discovered these scrumptious bars at Mothers Market in Irvine over the holiday when visiting the family and was pleased as a peach to find that they are now selling them at my local Whole Foods in Hillcrest.

Organic coconut (fruit with healthy fats!) and brown rice (grains are great!) covered in organic dark chocolate (yay antioxidants!).

So maybe you can’t quite classify it as a nutrition or meal replacement bar but as far as sweet snacky foods go it’s a much healthier alternative to many other candy bar type treats out there and one that us gluten free and vegan food fans can enjoy worry free.

If my testimony to their deliciousness is not reason enough for you to run out and buy yourself one or two or ten of these right now maybe the owners sweet message on the back will persuade you.

PS I am dying to try their Chocolate Sundae bar but can't find it anywhere! If anyone finds a store carrying it please let me know! :-)

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