Friday, January 8, 2010

GF Party People

The only thing better than baking gluten free sweets for a party is getting to attend the party as well! A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a fabulous nutritionist named Elizabeth Alkhas. Elizabeth specializes in gluten free nutrition, digestive health and helping spread the gospel on the joy and ease of eating delicious nutritious body pleasing foods. Since we met I have had the pleasure of baking for her on a handful of occasions, most recently for her birthday party at Carlsbad Wine Merchant. The incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff served up tastes of a variety of different wines that were all among some of the tastiest I have ever had (and I have had quite a few!). In addition they had prepared a mouthwatering feast, all of which was gluten free!!

How rare is it for us gluten free peeps to be able to go out somewhere, especially an event, and be able to graze freely and sample any tasty treat that happens to tempt our taste buds?! I was in heaven!

The wonderful people at Carlsbad Wine Merchant who are quite accustomed to putting on parties and events said that after doing a comparison of costs of what they typically spend on similar food for an event and buying the same type of foods but with an emphasis on gluten free, sustainable, free range type goods the cost was only 8% higher! Now there’s a fact to share with all those naysayers that complain that it’s too expensive to eat healthy.

Of course in addition to the yummies provided by the Wine Merchant there were sweets made with love by me!

Chocolate ganache raspberry tarts

Chocolate salted caramel cake

It was a delicious evening made all the more memorable by the incredibly talented, friendly, brilliant birthday girl and all of her wonderful friends! I feel so blessed to have been in attendance and to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful new food loving friends!

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