Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scones for sale

As much as I love all things bready, scones never really ranked very high on my list of favorite baked goodies. I think I had one only once in my gluten eating days, not even a whole scone but a couple bites of a friends blueberry scone from a little place called Keith’s Coffee that prior to being bought out by a Starbucks was located in Poway and had the yummiest chocolate mint iced coffees but not so yummy scones. I think since I had never had one before the flavor of the scone took me by surprise. I was expecting something that tasted more like a blueberry muffin and instead I found that it was dry, dense and even with the blueberries not so very sweet. So I quickly scratched scones from the list of yummy baked goods and never bothered to give them any thought until many years later.

Aside from getting to eat delicious baked goodies one of the things that I love best about gluten free baking is the challenge of finding a way to make something gluten laden just as delicious if not more so without it. After a few years of mastering some of my favorite baked treats I decided to try my hat at something I was not so keen on, scones. The fact that I did not particularly care for them made this challenge even more exciting because not only did I have to make a gluten free scone but I would have to find a way to make a delicious gluten free scone.

After tinkering with different flours, sweeteners and a variety of mixins I found a recipe that was not only nutritious, gluten free, and given the deliciousness thumbs up of approval from a few of my best taste testers but a scone that converted me, a long time naysayer of scones into a scone lover.

All the scones are completely gluten free, low in fat and sweetened with honey or if you are vegan or sugar sensitive they can be made with agave nectar. Here are the tasty flavors I have available for order so far.

Cinnamon scones with golden raisins and optional cinnamon crumble topping (crumble topping contains brown sugar, if you would like a vegan or low sugar toping I can make a yummy cinnamon glaze using agave nectar)

Scones with strawberry and chocolate pieces (seasonal item, depending on the availability of strawberries)

Lemon scones with blueberries
(a delicious picture coming soon!)

These scones are perfect for a light breakfast or midday snack and are wonderful because they are packed with fresh fruits and they don’t make you feel too heavy or weighed down due to the lack of gluten and their low sugar content.

If you are interested in ordering any for yourself, a loved one or an upcoming event send me an email at gfmarimade@gmail.com and we can work out the details.


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