Saturday, July 10, 2010

Deliciosness on wheels

After years of drooling over the fabulous food truck scene in places like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland (swoon!) San Diego has at last hopped on the bandwagon. The past few years have brought with them a number of scrumptious new mobile food providers, many with regulars and raving fans that follow the trucks just to get a taste of their daily deliciousness. As part of my job I have had the pleasure of sampling and getting to know many of these gourmet restaurants on wheels (I know, such work! ;-) It's hard to pick and choose but for your dining pleasure I will share two of the gems I have most recently found myself frequenting.

Miho Gastrotruck

Whether serving lunch in a business park, dishing up dinner at the Whistlestop, or popping up to share their mouthwatering creations at events around the town, Miho has taken food truck cuisine to a whole new level of delicious in San Diego. They specialize in hand crafted street food and they master this beautifully by using fresh ingredients sourced from local farms and food purveyors, and making many of their sauces and condiments from scratch.

Their menu changes weekly and varies by season, which in my opinion speaks very highly of their creativity and brilliance in the kitchen. As a longtime fan or Homi as they call it, I have tried many different dishes and never once has one made me feel anything less than completely enamored with their ability to combine ingredients in such a delectable fashion.


Tabe has taken two of my favorite cuisines and managed to combine them in a way that leaves my taste buds hollering for more. Using some of the most delicious flavors found in Asian cuisine and melding them with Mexican they have created a delicious new twist on street tacos.

One of my favorites are the spicy pork tacos, pork marinated in a spicy Korean sauce then grilled and served up soft taco style or atop a bed of lettuce for us gluten free folks (on occasion they carry corn tortillas too, just ask!).

They also have an amazing take on the So.Cal classic, carne asada fries. Fresh cut fries topped with cheese, their yummy tomato salsa and sour creme. Made Tabe style by seasoning the fries with their custom blended Asian spice mix and melting the cheese atop with a blow torch (so cool!).

There are so many more to list, like Joe's on the Nose and their amazing horchata latte. Oh and Corner Cupcakes and their creative offering of gourmet cupcakes like buttermilk bacon and chocolate stout! Sadly, I do not yet have any photos to share from these, guess that means someone is going to be going out food truck sampling again soon! Stay tuned!

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