Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For the love of a lovely gluten free lunch

Once upon a time when I was a full time office manager working in Solana beach and this little bloggy blog was still brand new I use to write lovingly about one of my favorite lunch spots, Waters Catering. So much has happened since then, moving to a new office then to a new job, in a new part of the city that was not within lunch break distance of my dear Waters on hwy 101. But wait, just when I thought all hope to frequently dine at this most delicious of restaurants was lost I remembered there was a second Waters Catering location only a hop skip and a jump away from my office! Hurray!

As always I had my favorite sandwich, the turkey panini on house made gluten free focaccia bread (swoon!), a decadent chocolate peanut butter bar, and an Orangina.

They also had these delicious cinnamon crisps for sale, so yummy!

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cruz said...

Its lovely and crispy....
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