Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spicy snacking

As you may have noticed snack time this week has been jam packed with sweets so I figured in order to maintain the nutritiousness of this site I should make an effort to diversify my diet a bit and throw in a snack that may be lacking in the sweet department but more than makes up for it with its scrumptious spiciness.

The floks at Harvest Roast have been making slow roasted pumpkin seeds since the 90’s. They started out selling at farmers markets in Oregon and today they have happily expanded and now share their scrumptious seeds with natural food stores throughout the west coast.

High in zinc, iron, protein, and omega 3’s these spicy little seeds are perfect for snacking on when you find yourself with a case of the mid day munchies.

The chili lime flavor was delish! I can’t wait to get my hands on their other 4 flavors, sea salt, garlic herb, honey sesame, and my potentially future favorite, jalapeƱo…I likea the spice! ;-)

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