Monday, June 22, 2009

Whistling While I Work

Been busy as a bee lately, snapping pictures at Specialty, hiring summer staff for the theater, helping keep the office organized at FDG, and baking delicious gluten free treats every chance I get. I feel so busy sometimes that it makes my head spin but overall its been an exciting few months. I know my work schedule won’t be like this forever, maybe not even for the rest of the year so I am trying to enjoy my crazy life right now just as it is. The only thing that has really saddened me is my lack of time to write consistently on here. Squeezing in more writing time is sitting pretty high on my list of priorities right now, I won’t make a promise of when because I know myself too well to do that but I will say this, it may not be this week or even this month but a semi consistent writing schedule is on the horizon and before the end of the summer I plan to be back in the saddle or more specifically in the kitchen and behind the keyboard again.

Until then here are a few blog posts I had the pleasure of writing for Specialty Produce. If you love food (and if you are reading this I imagine you do) then you are going to swoon for this yummy webby site. It's consistently packed full of delicious tidbits like scrumptious new San Diego restaurants, farmers market finds, and recipes. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Rachel Marie

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