Saturday, October 4, 2008

October weather at Oktoberfest

I may not be able to drink beer or even eat much bratwurst anymore but that doesn’t mean I don’t have room in my heart for a festival that embraces the two! Happily fall decided to stick around for one more day in San Diego making the cloudy, cool and sporadically drizzly Saturday afternoon an absolutely perfect day for Oktoberfest festivities. Instead of trying to muss with parking we decided to take public transport and made our way to the Fashion Valley MTS Transit center.

Taking the San Diego trolley east we made our way to La Mesa the location of the largest 3 day Oktoberfest celebration this side of the Mississippi. Located in the La Mesa Village this street festival spans 6 blocks and includes a plethora of food, beer, carnival, craft, and crazy gadgets you just can’t live without booths. In addition to offering an endless supply of the official beverage of the day the three beer gardens all have lovely polka music playing. In the main beer tent they had an oom pah pah band playing and a dance floor where they played traditional Oktoberfest tunes for shaking your bootie to such as the chicken dance!

While everyone enjoyed their brats and fried goodies I had some grilled corn topped with Tapatio, lemon, salt and gluten free "I can’t believe its not butter" spray.

After meandering our way though the fair a bit more we popped into a little café for more beer and watermelon and pistachio gelato for me.

So, I may not have indulged in any traditional German food and beverage (Mexican corn and Italian gelato) but nevertheless I still managed to have a delicious time at Oktoberfest.

Later that night we went for sushi at Sushi on the Rocks in La Jolla. I had the Barrio Roll which came with tuna topped with a spicy salsa and avocado slices.

I also had an equally delicious Philly Roll that was filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese and since we decided to go for sushi on a whim I did not have any gf soy sauce with me so I made a dip for my sushi using water, wasabi and sea salt.

Not as yummy as soy sauce but it did the trick and gave my sushi that lovely wasabi kick that I adore.

Back at Chris’s apartment we made some coffee and found two gluten free milk options in his fridge.

I choose to have the Coffee Mate French Vanilla creamer because I use to love this in my tea and coffee and had not realized it was gluten free so had not had it in years!

Another delicious day, and one that actually made it feel like fall here in San Diego at last. According to our local weather man though that was as fallish as we are going to get for the week and that the hot summery weather might not be gone for good just yet.


Sara said...

You and Steve were in La Mesa too? Ha! Too bad Zak and I didn't run in to you two again :-) Hope business is coming along well for you--where you up and running during the holidays last year? Hope you get lots of extra business! ♥ Sara

rachel marie said...

how funny! we really need to coordinate our schedules and meet up intentionally sometime!

this will be my first holiday season since i started the business and i am super excited for it! i actually was just laid off from my day job which is sad but will give me lots of time to do baking the next few months!


rachel marie