Saturday, August 30, 2008

Comfort Food

Everyone has their own personal go to foods that they like to eat when they are sick. For me its normally fresh squeezed orange juice, slow cooked homemade chicken gluten free noodle soup (or Pho with extra rooster sauce from a local Vietnamese restaurant), and of course hot tea and honey (sometimes when feeling particularly ill with a spot of whisky). This past weekend I was sick, and sadly far too sick to sit in a restaurant and eat Pho with a bunch of healthy people and way to exhausted to even think about preparing a pot of homemade soup. I wanted something quick and comforting, something that would fill my belly, please my palate and lull me into a long afternoon nap. First thing that came to mind was toast, that would be quick and most definitely easy, but sadly I had no bread. Then my thoughts turned to one of my favorite go to comfort foods, oatmeal but at the moment even that seemed like it would take far too long to prepare. Then my eyes fixated upon an almost past its prime banana sitting on the counter, aside from being cooked up into a delicious bowl of oaty goodness one of my most favorite ways to enjoy a banana is a delicious something I like to call…

Peanut Butter Banana Quesadilla
Serves one


1 Brown rice tortilla (preferably from Trader Joes, theirs are the best!)
1 or 2 tablespoons peanut butter
a swirl of honey
1 small banana, sliced


Warm the brown rice tortilla in a large skillet over medium high heat. Once warmed on both sides smother one side of the tortilla with the peanut butter. Add to this a swirl of honey and top one half with the banana slices. Wait a few moments then fold the tortilla over and let it cook on both sides until browned to your preferred taste.

Serve with a glass of chocolate milk (soy, rice, almond, hemp or moocow).

I also had some watermelon with my quesadilla because getting adequate hydration is important when you are feeling under the weather and watermelon is a most delicious way to increase your water intake.

As always the quesadilla was delish and the perfect balance of nourishment and quick comfort food that did indeed lull me into a most restful 2 ½ hour nap.


KatieB said...

hey, it's katie neuenswander, don't know if you remember me, but my sister jamie told me about your blog so i had to check it out. your cooking looks amazing and you look as gorgeous as ever. hope all is well.

rachel marie said...

thanks sweetie! i hope all is well and wonderful with you as well :)