Sunday, September 7, 2008

My dearest Fruit of the Soul Friends,

Thanks so much to everyone that came out for Fruit of the Soul 2008! Thanks to your attendance and the efforts of all of the talented chefs, artists, musicians, organizers and volunteers the event was a beautiful, fun filled and delicious success! I personally felt very privileged to be serving up delicious treats alongside so many talented chefs. One of my favorite things in the world is sharing delicious food with others so having the opportunity to bake for over 600+ people warmed my heart through and through. I wanted to hug every person that came up to me and said, “So these are the cupcakes everyone has been talking about!” and the handful of you that came by and were gluten intolerant, eyeing my table with glossy I wish I could eat that eyes, the look of pure joy on your face as I informed you that everything I bake is gluten free made me want to cry tears of joy and confirmed in my heart that this is what I am suppose to be doing with my life.

A special thanks goes out to Kelly Orange and her crew for putting on such a spectacular event, not only is she an amazingly talented artist but the energy and effort she puts into making this into the amazing event it is every year is commendable.

I also must thank my Mom and Hamilton for so graciously turning over the kitchen, refrigerator, oven, dining room and many other nooks and crannies of the house to me the past few weeks as I prepared for the event. Thank you so much for all of your love, support and taste testing!

Many thanks to Dad and Chris for always being there to give me pep talks and advice when I need it. Your constant support, encouraging words, and faith in my abilities has been inspirational and really means the world to me!

Lastly many thanks to the best friends and assistant chefs a girl could ever ask for Kate and Steve. You made a seemingly impossible work load not only possible but so much fun! I love you both dearly!

Again, thank you to everyone that came and made the event the success that it was. I hope you had as much fun as I did and I look forward to baking goodies for you all again soon! Until then take care and have a delicious day!!


Rachel Marie


Brown Noyes said...

The entire event was amazing! I loved being surrounded by wonderful art, music, food, and friends(new and old).

You are very welcome for any help you got from me. I will do everything I can to help you achieve your dreams and goals, especially if said goals are chocolate covered smiles at the most fun event of the year!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you created a feast for the eyes and soul, as well as the palate. Everyone had such a wonderful time. I especially enjoyed watching people coming back to your beautiful table for second and third helpings. The smiles on their faces were joyful!

JK said...

Miss Rachel were put on this earth to do amazing things----that includes heavenly cupcakes and other outragousley amazing desserts!!! You are my new best friend girl :) This is the beginning of a very excitng adventure for you----we wish you all the BEST!

rachel marie said...

awww thanks for all the love guys!! you are the best!! xoxo

Jamie said...

Well while everyone is thanking you, I guess I have to be mad at you because i have been having uncontrollable cravings for your cupcakes ever since!!! Seriously, your booth was amazing, delicious, beautiful, irresistible, and so much fun! Thank you.

mikeshelbo said...

one dozen cupcakes + 3 days after getting said dozen = no cupcakes and happy shelbos. thanks for the best gluten free action we have had ever.

let me know when shipping is available to MI. otherwise we are looking for a personal delivery asap. cupcake thirst is getting fierce.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly excellent! It was incredible watching the joy on people's faces coming back for seconds, the confidence of my daughter, and teamwork that MariMade put together. Well done Kate and Steve! Congratulations Rachel!