Monday, June 23, 2008

Scrumptious sandwich week, day one

Thanks to my handy dandy bread machine and a bag of Pamela’s wheat free bread mix, Monday morning I awoke to the delicious smell of freshly baked bread. I was tempted to eat some right then and there but I resisted, knowing that my sandwich for lunch would be all the more delicious if I waited for my first taste of bread until then. Instead I had one of the delicious oat bars I baked Sunday night and a bowl of vanilla yogurt with raspberries (a story and recipe for another time). After a scrumptious summer breakfast and half an episode of Saved by the Bell it was time to head to work where in addition to attending to my Monday office manager duties I daydreamed about sandwiches, there were so many different sandwich combinations that I was eager to try this week, which one should I pick to have first?!

The 12 o’clock hour quickly arrived and I gathered my things and excitedly headed home for lunch. Upon arriving home I happily found that the house still had the delicious smell of fresh baked bread lingering in the air. Removing the fluffy loaf from the machine I set it on the cutting board and sliced off a thick piece for my sandwich. Having still not reached a decision on what to put between the two scrumptious slices of bready goodness I went to the refrigerator to look for inspiration. Sifting through the cheese drawer I found that I still had a bit of roast turkey and ½ an avocado left over from last weeks quesadilla creations. I immediately recalled my former favorite sandwich from my vegetarian days and decided to recreate the sandwich but to use real turkey instead of the fake turkey (aka turkey flavored gluten). The results, delish and just as good as my old gluteny favorite!

Turkey and veggie sandwich

Gluten free bread
2 slices of roasted turkey
½ avocado, mashed up with a bit of sea salt
1 handful shredded carrots
1 handful spinach
1 handful sprouts

I typically love to have this sandwich (and most sandwiches for that matter) toasted, but since the bread was so fresh I wanted to enjoy the fresh baked fluffiness and opted to have it untoasted this time. With a couple olives and some mango on the side it was the perfect lunch to start sandwich week with.

After lunch I headed back to work for a few more hours of office manager fun then it was off to the theater for a full night of interviews. Of course I managed to find a bit of time for a delicious dinner of Trader Joes Rice Biryani (modeled here by my lovely friend Jessica).

Horary for another delicious gluten free Trader Joes treat! The rice comes in the frozen section and has lots of yummy bits in it like raisins, peas and apple. I am typically not a huge fan of pre made and frozen meals from the store but sometimes even a cooing enthusiast like me can’t find time to cook and for those times Trader Joes is always my go to for delicious, nutritious ready made meals.

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