Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sandwich week, Tuesday, field trip

On Tuesday I decided to work a half day and go to the fair with my oldest and bestest friend Kate. Since we were headed west to the fairgrounds which are within walking distance of my old office in Solana Beach I thought it would be downright tragic if we did not stop by one of my old favorite lunch spots and one of the few places in San Diego where one can go for a decent gluten free sandwich, Waters. Everything at Waters is scrumptious from their super fresh and crisp salads to their hearty and sweet roasted root veggies. They also always have a selection of flavorful cheeses, fruit salad and decadent desserts (most sadly are not gluten free though, but that’s okay, more reason for me to start my own gluten free bakery!). I am always tempted to try one of their scrumptious sounding specials in the daily menu emails they send me and on occasion I do (one time they had polenta lasagna….sooo good!). Typically though I almost always end up ordering my favorite sandwich the Roasted Turkey Panini on gluten free bread without aioli (no me gusta mayo). As soon as we decided to go to Waters for lunch I knew I had to order my usual sandwich (it is sandwich week after all). I didn’t even bother to look at the specials and headed straight to the counter to place my order and was happy to see all of the familiar faces from my Solana Beach lunch break days were still there. Before I could order the girl at the counter greeted me and said, “Roasted Turkey Panini on gluten free with no aioli, right?” Even after 5 months away my dearest Waters remembered me, I felt so loved!

The sandwich was heavenly and just as delicious as I remembered. Kate loved hers too (she had the Grilled Eggplant on regular bread). After eating every last crumb of our panini’s we said good by to our beloved Waters and headed off to the fair where we…

Went on a giant slide (where Kate nearly had a heart attack after the steep climb and I was slightly groped by one of the slide attendants)

Played with animals (both real and plastic)

Were overwhelmed by the plethora of fried foods to choose from (deep fried Twinkies and Frog Legs!)

Kate decided on the fried Oreos

I had some not so sweet corn smuthered with hot sauce, salt and a bit of butter (no lemon, so sad)

Won an Elmo doll as a consolation prize after we failed to toss 16 balls into floating baskets

Enjoyed the vibrating footsie wootsie machines

We also went through a haunted house which consisted of riding on a rickety cart that ran through a trailer that had been painted black. The scariest part was worrying that the car might break down leaving us stuck inside the dark, steamy interior of the sauna like trailer. Luckily, after less than 1 minute we were free from the hot box but not before a gorilla gloved hand reached out as we exited to grab and growl at us. We really wanted to go on the fun house but they would not let us on because we were wearing sandals. Seriously, its summer and southern California, everyone is wearing sandals what kind of rule is that!?

Of course we made time to go though the many halls and tents filled with tools, gadgets and amazing knickknacks that you can’t live without. We saw the handwriting analysis machine, meat jerky vendors, hammock slingers, knife demonstrators and the mini doughnut making machine and the cute little old ladies that sell them. We also saw our friends Chris and Josh who were selling awesome tortilla warmers. Like a little cozy pillow for your tortillas these tortilla warmers are so much cuter than those old bulky styrofoam ones.

Chris is one of my gluten free friends and when I was first starting to get sick all the time he was the first person that mentioned to me that gluten might be the culprit behind my tummy troubles. I had not seen him in forever and told him that I had started this blog and have a gluten free bakery in the works. So if you are reading this, Hi Chris!! Thanks for teaching me all about the evils of gluten!

After a long day of fair fun we headed to Poway to investigate an exciting rumor I had read about last week. After Mountain Mikes in Clairemont stopped selling gluten free pizza I like many gluten free San Diegans was crushed. Then at earth day this year I found out that a chain that offered gluten free pizza called Pizza Fusion would be opening a location in downtown San Diego and Temecula in the summer. Well their June opening was bumped up to sometime in July which now has been changed on the Pizza Fusion website to “coming soon” which is fine because in the meantime I can just make delicious pizza at home or if I happen to be in the mood to dine out I can go here.

Brick Oven Pizza in Poway now offers a gluten free crust, and a delicious one at that! Like most gluten free items it takes a bit longer to prepare but trust me it is worth the wait. It comes in one size which Kate and I found was the perfect amount for two hungry girls. They also guarantee that their toppings are free from gluten as well so you can top your pizza with anything you fancy. We opted for our old high school pizza eating days favorite of pepperoni and green bell peppers.

It was a bit of a greasier pie than I am accustomed to now (probably because of the pepperoni and real cheese) but it was indeed amazingly delicious and just as I remember eating out pizza to taste like. Kate even commented that she could not tell the difference between it and a gluteny pizza. Many thanks to the kind folks at Brick Oven for bringing gluten free pizza back to San Diego!


betsy said...

Rachel, I love your website. I know eating glueten free has changed your life and I'm excited to pass your website with all of the great receipes on to my sister and father in Indiana. Keep up the great information and making it available for others!!

rachel marie said...

Aww thanks Betsy, you are so sweet! Let me know if your family has any specific recipe requests and I will see what I can do :)