Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sandwich week, PB (again) Thursday

Wednesday’s sandwich was so scrumptious and it reminded me of how much I love peanut butter sandwiches. It also reminded me of my former favorite peanut butter sandwich shop and local fine purveyor of gourmet peanut butters, Nutters. Their menu included classics such as peanut butter and jelly and decadent additions like peanut butter swirled with chocolaty nutella. They also made a sandwich that quickly became my personal favorite, the Vanilla Sky. Peanut butter, cream cheese and fresh green apple slices all nestled between two slices of fluffy bread and served with carrot sticks, pretzels and a glass of milk on the side (so cute, I know!). Since Nutters also made all the nut butters for their sandwiches in house you always had a plethora of scrumptious spreads to choose from such as chocolate blueberry, white chocolate pretzel and cinnamon almond. Shortly after I discovered this delicious little restaurant they closed their doors. Happily though they continued to sell their scrumptious nut butters online and eventually opened up a swanky little gourmetish vegetarian restaurant called Spread in North Park (they even have bubble chairs that hang from the ceiling!). Their new menu changes with the seasons and their daily fresh findings from local markets and has included delights such as brown rice porridge with berries and honey, peanut butter veggie curry with quinoa, and gelato topped with almond butter and pop rocks. They are super knowledgeable about food allergies and special diets too. One Sunday morning I went there for their delicious brunch and as I was looking over the menu board I mentioned to the owner I could not have anything with wheat in it and he replied, “Gluten allergy? Let me show you what you can have” and he proceeded to go over every item on the menu that was safe for me to eat as is and also ones that were not and how they could alter them to make them gluten free just for me (I love that!!). While they still sell little jars of peanut butter in the new shop they no longer offer any of the delicious sandwiches that Nutters carried. Which I’ll admit I was a little saddened by at first but not for too long because their new place is so cute and yummy and it really was easy enough to buy a jar of peanut butter and go home and make a sandwich myself. So that’s what I did at least up until I stopped eating gluten and sandwiches in general, and after a while I forgot all about the deliciousness of the vanilla sky. Until now, with one bite of Wednesday’s creamy peanut butter banana sandwich I was swept away with memories of peanut butter sandwiches past and knew in an instant what my next sandwichy creation would be.

Nutters style Vanilla Sky

gluten free bread
peanut butter
cream cheese (or tofutti fake cream cheese)
½ of a thinly sliced green apple
a swirl of agave nectar or honey

Smear one slice of bread with peanut butter then smear the other slice with cream cheese. Top one side with green apple slices and drizzle with sweetener of choice. Put it all together and enjoy!

I toasted my bread because I like when the peanut butter is all oooy gooey and melty but this sandwich is equally delicious untoasted as well.

Now that I have recreated my favorite “Nutters” sandwich I will have to next tackle whipping up a batch of my very own gluten free version of white chocolate pretzel peanut butter.

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