Thursday, January 3, 2008

sicky start to the year

I should have known that working an opening shift at the theater on January 1, 2008 was not the best way for me to start off a new year. First of all it is in direct conflict with one of my many new years resolutions (resolution #1 to be exact). Secondly, it is not beneficial for anyone to be working at 8am after having only slept 5 hours especially not when that shift begins with 200+ ornery senior citizens (yay for the return of early morning Opera screenings!). After eight and a half hectic hours of work I went home and collapsed on the couch with fatigue. Even pho dinner with Steve and getting to bed at 8:30pm could not undo the damage of the exhausting day and at 12am I awoke sick as can be. Nausea, body aches, chills, fever, stuffiness and all sorts of colorful goo congestion (yucky!). I tried to go into work because after years of working through sickness it just seemed like no big deal to be working with all of the afore mentioned symptoms. Once Cathy arrived at the office though she quickly went into mom mode and sent me home (which really is what I needed). I then proceeded to sleep all day and all night only getting up for a few hours to watch television and eat some hot rice cereal. Today I am back at work and happily doped up on a slurry of meds courtesy of my doctor which I visited this morning on my way into the office.

There are some good things that have come out of being so sick, I got caught up on some much needed sleep, watched a few hours of television (resolution # 3) and postponed my dental appointment to get my very first crown until next week. The way I see it things can only get better from here! Well maybe from Monday on after the dentist has had his way with my mouth.

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