Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 to do list

1. Quit my job at the theater (currently have been employed there 7 years, one month and 11 days).

2. Finish bottles of wine (since I am only home to make/eat dinner on average 2 days a week I have a terrible habit of opening up wine on one of these days, drinking a few glasses and then forgetting about it until next time I cook and it has turned not so appealing. This resolution will probably be easier to achieve when I complete resolution #1. This resolution also has the potential to result in me drinking more but I think I am comfortable with that).

3. Watch more television shows and movies (Indian movies aside I saw two movies in the theater last year, pretty bad for someone who works at the theater, also the only television I watch is KUSI news and crappy sitcoms on nick at night before bed).

4. Start documenting my culinary creations on paper and not just in my head.

5. Move to north county coastal San Diego (anyone looking for a super fun and neat housemate that loves to cook?).

6. Take some fun classes (Natalie and I are taking an event/wedding planning course, anyone want to take a dance class, cooking course or learn a new language with me?).

7. Get back into glassblowing, not as a career or anything but as a fun and slightly dangerous hobby.

8. Find creative ways to not get lonely at the day job.

9. Develop a semi regular habit of posting on here and possibly share with others.

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The Daily Kirk said...

Best news ever man: Rachel has a blog! It's like drilling into your head so we can all taste the sweet maple syrup of your mind.

Consider me your first fan.