Sunday, February 1, 2009

For the Love of Lunch

Since I took up work at Specialty my days of running home for an hour long homemade lunch break have pretty much come to an end. Switching from a 2 mile commute to a 26 mile one has a tendency to do that. Instead of running home for lunch I now snack on cheese and crackers, trail mix, and fresh fruit from the warehouse.  Once a week I also go out for a yummy lunch, one of my favorite lunch spots lately has been Natures Express in Hillcrest.


Formerly known as Kung Food, Natures Express serves up a most delicious selection of vegan, raw and gluten free deliciousness. (Thanx to Kate for being my lunch date and being so gracious as to model with the Nature's Express Sign!)


Food is laid out cafeteria style with little labels listing the ingredients and whether or not the selection is raw and or gluten free.


Their selections change from day to day, personally I like to try a little of whatever new gluten free dishes they have on display. I do have a few favorites though that I always keep an eye out for like the spicy lentils, peanut tofu salad, and their mashed potatoes and gravy.  Now typically I am not much of a mashed potatoes and gravy girl but I l-o-v-e these spuds!  


Back when they were Kung Food they charged by weight, now they charge by the plate offering a small and a large plate that you can eat there or take to go. I typically go with the smallest plate because I always like to save room for one of their delicious raw desserts.


Cookies, chocolate mouse, and my personal favorite… the coconut cream pie and chocolate cream pie.

To be honest while the coconut pie is delicious and beautiful I must admit the chocolate is my favorite of the two. This rich, chocolaty slice of goodness is not only raw but completely gluten free! They also have a vegan + gluten free frozen yogurt that I am very much looking forward to trying on the next warm sunshiny day I happen to be dining there.


In addition to inside and outside sit down dining they also have a drive thru with lots of vegan fast food items like burgers, hot dogs and sweet potato fries. I don’t think there is much in the way of gluten free dining options at the drive thru but I have yet to investigate it. After my next visit I promise to return with a full report on any gluten free discoveries I might find. 

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