Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lost in the Supermarket

When I first started eating gluten free grocery shopping quickly changed from something that could be done in quick 5 minute trips where I sped through the isles grabbing things scratched down on a post it or mental list to a half hour long event involving print outs of glutenous ingredients and meticulously scanning the fine print of labels on boxes, bottles, and bags. After a few years of shopping gluten free and figuring out my favorites I no longer need to carry around lists of bad ingredients and while my grocery store outings have gotten much shorter they are not quite back to those quick 5 minutes trips past and really that is just fine by me. I love going grocery shopping now each trip is like a mini adventure! I peruse the fruit and veggie section to see what looks the freshest, spend time checking labels of new items I might want to try, and when at a gluten friendly store like Trader Joes, Henrys, Barons, or Whole Foods I am always scanning the isles for new gluten free tags.

Recently I have had a few requests for gluten free grocery shopping tips so in addition to posting about where I get some of the ingredients I use in my recipes I will also be sharing my scrumptious grocery store scores from time to time as well. This weekend I made two trips to the store and here is what I found.

Henry’s Farmers Market

Henrys is great about labeling a lot of their GF items in the store but not everything that is GF is labeled as such so if there is something you want and don’t see a GF tag on it be sure to check it yourself, you never know it just might be gluten free. At most Henry’s they also have a GF section where lots of scrumptious GF items are gathered for your shopping ease.

Can of Pumpkin
Pepper Jack Veggie Slices Cheese (perfect for quesadillas!)
Corn tortillas
Henry’s hot salsa
Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes
Organic light coconut milk
Frozen chopped organic spinach
Great northern beans
Earth balance spread
Blue Diamond Pecan Nut Thins (one of my favorite gluten free crackers)
Enviro Kids peanut Butter Panda Puffs (super yummy cereal)
Annie’s rice pasta boxed Macaroni and Cheese (add some extra shredded cheddar for a super cheesy treat!)
Bulk bin walnuts
Yerba Matte tea (my favorite tea, delish with soymilk and stevia or honey)

Trader Joes

Trader Joes has so graciously been putting out a gluten free shopping list in PDF form on their webby site for the past few years. Fairly recently they have begin putting little yellow GF tags on most of their GF items in the store. All of their new Trader Joes products that are gluten free are also now being labeled with a “g” as well. Similar to Henry’s not everything that is GF is labeled as such so be sure to check the online list or the labels at the store if there is something you want that does not have a GF tag.

Trader Joes Brand items

Greek style 0% fat yogurt (the best priced greek yogurt I have found)
Soy cherry chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite ice cream ever and its vegan and gf!)
Blueberry green tea
Nothing but banana flattened
Frozen berry medley
Frozen roasted sweet corn
Organic baby greens mix
Roasted baby beets (delish in salads)
Lentil rice biryani

Assorted items

Acorn squash
Tigers milk bars
The Ginger People ginger chews

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