Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's get Naked!

Pizza that is! Meet San Diego's newest purveyor of scrumptious gluten free pizza pie. With locations scattered across the United States and even a few in Dubai, here in San Diego we are blessed with not one but two Naked Pizza's, one in Hillcrest on 5th Avenue and the second in Pacific Beach. Their mantra, to make the worlds healthiest pizza without sacrificing deliciousness, and by golly they nailed it! Using ingredients free of chemical additives, trans fats, and preservatives, skim milk mozzarella, growth hormone and antibiotic free meats, tomato sauce and dough free of added sugar, and by adding prebiotics and probiotics to their crust they have managed to create a pizza you can actually feel good about eating. Oh and bonus! On the weekends they are open till 3am!

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