Saturday, May 29, 2010

Swirly pesto goodness

Once upon a time I saw a gluteny version of these savory baked buns though I can't for the life of me remember where or when. What I do recall is that I was so taken by the thought of them that they immediately and permanently found a place in my heart and I knew without a doubt that I would someday recreate these scrumptious bready morsels.

Finally, last May that delicious day came! The Pearl Hotel was hosting a vintage prom and I arranged a girly champagne prom prep party. Bubbly and berries, check! Swoon worthy cheeses, check! Caprese salad, check! Carbs...... oh no! I had not planned on carbs and a pre party party with champagne definably calls for some yummy carb filled goodness. As I searched through my pantry and fridge I assessed the situation, no bread, no crackers, not even tortillas....someones gonna have to get creative and in a hurry as the ladies were to be arriving within the half hour. After scouring through the cabinets I at last came upon the perfect combination....

Chebe original bread mix + homemade pistachio pesto + parmigiano reggiano cheese. My memory of those delicious buns came back in an instant and I quickly got to work.

Easy peasy swirly pesto buns


1 bag Chebe original bread mix and ingredients required to make that (eggs, oil, milk) or you can feel free to use any other pizza or gf roll mix or recipe you might have.


Parmigiano reggiano cheese


Prepare your dough and roll out with a rolling pin into a rectangle, cinnamon roll style. Then smooth a generous layer of the pesto atop the rectangle and top with cheese.

Roll into a log.

Slice into rolls and place upon a parchment lined baking sheet.

Bake as indicated on the bread mix package or until rolls are slightly golden brown on the exterior, mine took about 35 minutes.

Sooooooooo good! In fact we were all so exited to eat them that it slipped my mind to even snap a picture. In lieu I will share with you some of our fun prom night pix :-)

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