Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lights, camera, yummy food... ACTION!

Hello friends :-)

I have been a busy busy bee here at Specialty Produce lately! Working on lots of fun new things like visiting fantastic farms and scrumptious restaurants and learning all sorts of facts, tricks, and tasty tidbits from chefs and other fabulous foodies.

One new project that I have been particularly enthused about are the new videos we have been making here at Specialty featuring some of our favorite restaurants as well as some delicious how-to’s and recipe sharing features.

Creating yummy little videos like these has been on my to do list forever now so I am excited that making them is now part of my job description here. It has also inspired me to at last start working on my own gluten free version of this project. I just recently shot a video at this heavenly new gluten free place and hope to have the delicious footage up in the next week. For now here are a few of my yummy videos from the Specialty Produce U-Tube channel.

Vin De Syrah


Yummy Caprese Salad with Tondo Balsamic

1 comment:

Hua said...

Hey Rachel,

I bet those videos will be a hit. Everything looks so tasty!

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