Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Sweet Snacktime

January, a time for resolutions, eating healthier squeezing in more exercise and veggies and cutting back on fat and sugar intake. Now I am all for exercise and am probably one of the biggest fans of fruits and veggies you will ever meet but when it comes to denying myself the sweet things in life, now that’s where I draw the line. Eating a gluten free diet is restrictive enough, to try and cut out cheese, chocolate and other sweets would just be downright tragic in my opinion. Everything in moderation has always been my mantra when it comes to eating, so if your body is craving pizza, pasta, cookies or cake go ahead and give in (just don’t eat the whole lot of it!).

Today as I was perusing the isles of Whole Foods for something yummy to snack on, I was thrilled to find one of my favorite packaged gluten free and vegan cookies.

Made by Dr.Lucy in Virginia these crispy little cookies are not only gluten free and vegan but also nut free as well. Many of the ingredients are organic and she incorporates garbanzo bean flour into her flour mix for added protein.

My two favorites are the cinnamon thins (left) and the oatmeal (right) but she also makes a scrumptious chocolate chip and sugar cookie as well.

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Julie P said...

I was lucky enough to try the chocolate chip cookies-worth it! Looking forward to the other flavors! Thanks Lucys!!!!