Friday, November 21, 2008

Mari Made Missed You!

It has been 4 weeks and 1 day since my last blog post and I will be the first to admit that even for busy as a bee me that is quite a long time to go with out sharing a tasty gluten free tidbit or two with you my dear readers. Please forgive my absence but the past few weeks have been a dizzying array of sudden changes, new plans, and sorting through mixed emotions.

Like so many others these days due to the sulking economy the little company I was working for during the day had to lay me off. At first I was crushed by the news, mostly because I had become quite comfy with and attached to my coworkers, health insurance, and steady paycheck. The thought about all of a sudden not being at this place where I had been spending 40 hours a week at for the past 18 months frightened me almost as much as the thought of not getting paid anymore. After a few days the initial shock wore off, I stopped crying, and I started to look at things in a new light. As much as I have enjoyed the company of my coworkers and my daily routine, and splendid as I was at organizing and managing an office in reality I really was not passionate about my work. When I was a little girl there were many things I imagined myself doing as a grown up Rachel Marie, I dreamed of being an actress in musicals, a fashion designer, a cooking show host, a restaurant owner, pastry chef, or a columnist in a magazine. But I never dreamed of the day I would grow up to be the office manager of a land development company. When I took a step back and looked at the situation in a way this is exactly what I had been praying for. I have always loved cooking, exploring the world, writing, and sharing my discoveries and creations with others. This past year with development of my blog and as my baking business has grown I have finally started to feel complete career wise and that I had really found my niche doing something that I loved so much that it did not matter if the only time I had to do it was at 12am after working two jobs. As my passion for the baking and bloging has grown so has the time I want and need to devote to it. So much so that I was quickly approaching a point where I knew I was going to have to make a decision and decide if I wanted to keep this passion as a part time career or if I was ready to take the leap and put my whole heart into it. I have prayed for months that if this is what I was suppose to be doing with my life that a path be paved out before me and that I would have the courage to travel that road, ready or not I guess that has happened! Sometimes we all need a little encouragement and I guess this is the universes way of gently pushing me in the right direction.

I am both overwhelmed and incredibly excited about all these sudden changes and am looking forward to seeing where this new road takes me. There are so many things I have wanted to do but have not been able to because of time restraints. For the blog there will be an increased frequency to the posts, which means more recipes, grocery shopping guidance, and product reviews. Additionally, I will be starting to do more gluten free travel writing in the new year starting with delicious trips to NYC and Breckenridge, Colorado in January. There will also be lots of new treats up for sale on the Bakery site and Mari Made products available in some local San Diego stores sometime in mid 2009. In addition to sharing recipes on the blog I have also started development of Mari Made’s first cookbook, so clear a space on your bookshelf now as I promise it will be a scrumptious read!

2008 has been such a delicious adventure and I am very much looking forward to all of the new adventures to come in 2009 and beyond. Thanks so much for all of your love and support my darlings, without you my work and life would not be this sweet!

Stay tuned for there is still much more Mari Made to come!


Miss.Rachel Marie

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