Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wine Time

Once upon a time I fell in love with a glass of red wine and like many young ladies in love I often gabbed (and wrote) about my new found love (like here and again here). For sometime I was only able to find this lovely blend of ruby deliciousness served by the glass for a pretty penny at the Linkery until after weeks of searching I finally found it for sale by the bottle at a delightful place in Hillcrest called Wine Steals.

As if I needed another reason to be smitten with this fine San Diego purveyor of grapy goodness. For those of you that have not yet had the pleasure of visiting this fabulous wine bar/shop allow me to offer you a list of reasons why you should drop everything and head down there right this instant.

  • For your tasting pleasure they always have 35+ wines from around the world available by the half glass (little tasting), full glass (big tasting) or bottle (really big tasting). Their extensive list of wine offerings change weekly so if you don’t find a favorite one week come again the next and try again!
  • Monday through Friday they have happy hour (woohoo!) where they offer $3 glasses of wine between the hours of 4pm and 6pm. They also have tasting specials on Tuesdays in Hillcrest and Wednesdays in Point Loma between 5:30pm and 7pm for only $5.
  • If your weekdays are jam packed already there’s no need to fret because on Saturdays from 4pm to 6:30pm they have a wine tasting special where for $10 you can sample up to 25 different wines. Even sharing a tasting with a friend we were only able to make it through about 16 on our Saturday visit! If you are shopping for new wines this is an excellent way to taste before you buy, and a much better way to pick a good bottle than by looking for the prettiest label, not that I do that sorta thing ;-).
  • In addition to their extensive wine offerings they also have a scrumptious menu of small bites and other delicious tummy pleasing plates. My favorite are their boards which can be ordered with any number of delicious snacky things such as fresh fruit, cheeses, olives, nuts, meats, bread and crackers. I always bring my own gluten free crackers along when I know I am going to be sharing a board with friends. For those of you that can eat gluten their panini’s and pizzas are scrumptious and for those of us that can’t they are great inspiration for creating gf versions of their offerings at home (personally I can’t wait to make my own GF brie and raspberry jam panini).
  • Last but defiantly not least Wine Steals is fabulous because they offer an outstanding selection of wine at very reasonable prices. My bottle of Chucker came to only $17 a bottle, when compared to the $9 a glass I was paying that is quite the sweet deal.

Until fairly recently I had only been to the Hillcrest location of Wine Steals, actually I did not even realize that there was more than one location until I was making plans for an evening there with the Fords and Kelly suggested we try out the newish Point Loma location. Located in the former Naval Training Center now collection of shops, offices, parks, restaurants and galleries known as Liberty Station the Point Loma Wine Steals has the same delicious wine and food offerings as the Hillcrest and also boasts a quaint outdoor sitting area as well as an eclectic mix of rustic couches, chairs and wine cask tables on the interior making it a most cozy place to gather with friends for a night of deliciousness.

The Fords had a gift certificate which was good for 4 glasses of wine for 4 people

and an everything board

The Fords also ordered the Chardonnay Pizza which was topped with apples, pulled pork, cheese and a scrumptious chardonnay sauce. Everything was delicious! I even snagged the toppings off one of the slices of pizza!

Our waiter was a little ditzy and forgot to bring us our fourth glass of wine, the cheese on our everything board (the best part!), our chocolate board and our pizza. Luckily the vino made his spacyness more comical than annoying and after much reminding and with the help of a second waiter we ended up getting everything we ordered and then some including the last bottle of my favorite wine…

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