Thursday, April 10, 2008

i <3 carbs!

Back in the day when I used to eat gobs and gobs of gluten if you were to ask me what my favorite food was I would have likely answered you with one word...


Cinnamon raisin, Dudley’s jalapeƱo, French baguette, sweet Hawaiian, buttery focaccia, fresh baked banana, Indian nann, hearty whole wheat crusted with seeds or even a fresh loaf of your basic fluffy white. From breakfast to dessert, every snack and meal in between bread was always the perfect solution to what my palette was craving.

When I first realized I had to stop eating gluten I was crushed. Life without bread. How was I to go on?! The only thing I loved to eat more than bread was pasta, cereal and veggie burgers (gluten, gluten and more gluten). So I moped about it for a while, ate a lot of fruits and veggies, started eating meat again and even began eating fish (gasp!). I found some gluten free breads at specialty markets but did not have much luck finding anything worth eating (hint: more often than not if you have to buy your bread from the freezer section it is not going to be extraordinarily tasty). So then I did what any resourceful gal would do and decided to bake my own bread. Now this did not seem like it would be a vary daunting task considering I had been baking since I was a little tyke but no no no I quickly realized I was going to have to start from scratch (pardon the pun) and learn to bake all over again. At first my finished product was not much better than what I had found in the stores but after a few months of researching alternative binders and experimenting in the kitchen with a plethora of flour combinations I figured it out (yay!). Now when I am craving blueberry muffins, fresh chocolate chip cream scones, sweet pumpkin bread or herbed focaccia I need not pout because within a few hours time I can easily whip up anything my bread loving tummy desires. For instance earlier this week I realized I was in the mood for sandwiches so Sunday night before bed I filled my bread machine with ingredients, hit start and while I was sleeping cooked up a loaf of sandwich bread. My lunches this week have been a delicious smorgasbord of sandwich creations. There was the herbed turkey, mozzarella and spinach smothered with homemade pesto on Monday, the peanut butter, honey and banana on Tuesday and the salami with aged cheddar and pepperoncinis on Wednesday. As if that was not enough sandwichey goodness for one week I think I have just enough bread left for one more delicious sandwich. A sandwich that I am going to go home and make right now! :)

One hour later...

yum! Best sandwich ever!! xoxo

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