Thursday, January 10, 2008

Delicious Days

Even though my mouth has not been in the best of shape this week I must say that this has been quite the week of delicious eats. There were our last meals with Chris before he headed back to grad school on Sunday that began with a breakfast of fresh baked gluten free chocolate chip cream scones, espresso with vanilla silk and a sauté consisting of olive oil, garlic, onion, tomatoes, spinach, artichoke, ham, basil and cheddar cheese (with eggs added to it only after I removed a bit for egg hating me of course!). For dinner I made an even healthier meal of chili and homemade six cheese macaroni and cheese (white cheddar, extra sharp cheddar, mature Irish cheddar, romano, gouda and parmesan…oh my!).

The following day was Monday or as I like to call it dental torture day (see previous post for more detail) and while I thought I would be in for a day of bland and unappealing culinary creations it ended up being full of delicious surprises. Like the amazing tomato basil soup with crème fraiche I got for lunch that I always wanted to try at Waters but had not until then been able to bring myself to not order one of their delicious gluten free sandwiches. For dinner I continued with the soft foods theme and made a bowl of mashed yams with honey and then had chocolate soy pudding and tapioca pudding for dessert.

Aside from having a 24 hour headache as a result of dental torture day, Tuesday was even more delicious than Monday. We had a company lunch (all 4 of us!) and went to Sushi Station on the 101 to celebrate Cathy’s belated birthday. I have always wanted to try it because their motto is, “the food on your plate today was sleeping in the ocean last night”. I let Craig order as I am still quite the novice when it comes to ordering the raw fishies. We had one roll with salmon and avocado, another with tuna and real crab and a couple other super colorful and amazingly scrumptious twisty fishy creations. I found out we would be going for sushi the day prior and came prepared bringing along my own gluten free soy sauce which I mixed up with extra wasabi to make a nose tingling sushi dunking sauce. As if that was not enough yummy Asian cuisine for one day that evening I drove over to my favorite couples house, the Ford’s, for Dave’s going away Chinese dinner party. Justin had gone to Ranch 99 to get all the fixings’ and Kelly had whipped up a big batch of white rice the day prior to make the fried rice with (apparently a must when making authentic fried rice!). Justin manned the fryer and fried up crispy pork and chicken while Kelly stir fried the chicken again to make a scrumptious sweet and sour dish. Being the wonderful host and hostess they are they had bought gluten free soy sauce and set aside some chicken and plain veggies for me so I could whip up a gluten free dish for myself (I <3 them!). We marinated my chicken with toasted sesame oil, gluten free soy sauce, chili sauce, chinese five spice and fresh ginger and garlic. Later we pan fried this with bell peppers, onion, celery and pineapple and served it alongside steamed long skinny beans, broccoli and an ample serving of Kelly’s fried rice. It was amazing and defiantly the best home cooked Chinese meal I have ever had.

As if three delicious days were not enough on Wednesday the yummieness continued. Since I had such success with chewing on one side on Tuesday I went back to Waters on Wednesday and got my favorite, the turkey panini with roasted red peppers, spinach, pesto and cheese on gluten free focaccia (one of the many things I will dearly miss when we move to the new office). For dinner that night I made breakfast. Chicken apple sausage, freshly baked Irish soda bread with honey butter and sautéed artichoke, garlic, onion and spinach sprinkled with feta. Delish!

As for today I was still feeling quite full this morning from such a big dinner last night so I skipped breakfast and opted for multiple cups of tea and soymilk since I had planned to have lunch at one of the first places I fell in love with when I started working in Solana Beach last year, Naked Café. Soft tacos with chicken in a creamy peanut sauce, fresh salsa and leafy greens served along side coconut brown rice and black beans with my favorite drink, an yerba matte latte with extra foam. Lunches at Naked Café make me forget that I am mid work day. Watching kids playing at Fletcher Cove, surfers passing by with their boards and people riding by on beach cruisers wearing flip flops tricks my mind into thinking I have all the time in the world to sit and relax. Gazing at the ocean off in the distance as I sit and eat delicious food causes me to instantaneously slip into holiday mode. The beach has always had that effect on me which is one of the reasons I was so excited about going to work in an office that was just a hop skip and a jump away from the sand, sea and shells. But the feeling at this lunch was different, my heart was not as light and my spirit slightly troubled as I was unable to shake the thought that this time next month having lunch at this favorite spot of mine would not be so easy to do and that far too soon there would be fifteen extra miles added to the distance between my desk and the ocean.

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